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  • Encapsulated
    The easiest, fastest and healthiest
    rehydration through superior technology
  • The best tasting, safe and effective way of rehydrating
    Our line of products offers 50% faster rehydration than any product in the market,
    thanks to our encapsulated nano-electrolyte™ technology, delivering a healthier
    and tastier way of replenishing the fluids and mineral lost.
  • We leverage our exclusive
    patented technology to develop
    particular products for the
    specific needs of each group
    and circumstances.


At Fast Rehydration® we are experts at understanding the broad types of situations that can lead to dehydration (e.g. sun exposure, exercising, long flights, burns, alcohol in-take, among many others), and also sensitive to the diverse group of populations who are more drawn to experience dehydration (e.g. pregnant women, elderly, diabetics, and children, to cite a few examples).

Type of Dehydration

Based on Sodium level as per mEq/liter

Isotonic (entre 130 a 150)
Hypotonic (menor a 130)
Hypertonic (mayor a 150)

new technology

We leverage our exclusive patented rehydration technology of encapsulated nano-electrolytes™ to develop breakthrough products for the specific needs of particular groups at risk of dehydration.

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about us

Fast Rehydration is a biotechnology company founded in 2012, though its origins go five years back in time. The company was started with a small R&D team with the mandate to improve the taste, speed, and safeness of rehydration drinks, particularly pediatric ones such as Oral Rehydration Solutions...

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  • CEO.Gustavo SoussMr. Souss is a co-founder of Fast Rehydration®, having taking the company since ideation to full products implementation and go to market.

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  • R&DA team of PhD's and passionate scientific experts in biotechnology and at the cutting edge of liposomal technology conduct all the research and product development.

  • Advisors and InvestorsFast Rehydration® is a privately owned company founded primarily by one investor with large pharmaceutical background and experience in the nutritional business. The company is self-funded by a group of large and minor investors. The company also benefits from a group of experts and seasoned advisors.

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